ENTEX Steel Siding: Breaking the Maintenance Cycle

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With homeownership comes responsibility – primarily in the form of home maintenance. For most homeowners, keeping up with siding maintenance is a recurring and costly chore. From hailstorms to high winds to extreme temperatures, popular siding materials like vinyl and engineered wood are susceptible to storm damage and warping.

Fade is another major concern. Aside from the obvious curb appeal benefits, a strong coat of paint protects the siding material from the elements. Engineered wood siding will need to be repainted every three to seven years, while fiber cement will need a fresh coat every 10 to 15 years. Over time, the maintenance required to maintain the look of a home increases and so do the associated costs.

One Wisconsin homeowner broke this maintenance cycle by switching to EDCO’s steel siding. With a lifetime warranty that includes 50-year hail protection and 35-year fade protection, they know EDCO’s siding will maintain its original appearance and strength for decades to come.

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The installer for this project, Walker Roofing, has been installing EDCO’s products for more than 30 years. When it comes to siding, EDCO’s range of colors and profiles make it easy to find a design solution for any style of home.

“EDCO is the steel siding I go with,” said Walker Roofing Estimator/Field Supervisor Andy Reese, who worked directly with the homeowner on this installation.

One year after the installation, the homeowner continues to be impressed by their new siding. For them, the longevity of steel siding is the primary benefit. After years of keeping up with the labor and cost of repairing and repainting wood siding, this maintenance-free solution that will last for decades is lifechanging.

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What makes EDCO’s siding so durable compared to other siding materials? The secret lies in the proprietary ENTEX paint finish, which contains special pigments for better color retention and UV reflection to prevent fading for at least 35 years. By incorporating silicone into the finish, ENTEX has improved performance against the top three weathering tests: fade, chalk and gloss. Combined with the strength of steel, it is no surprise that EDCO’s siding outperforms other materials when it comes to durability and weather resistance. EDCO’s lifetime warranty with 50-year hail protection guarantees the steel siding will never chip, peel or crack.

Ready to break the siding maintenance cycle? Save time and money when you upgrade your home to EDCO’s steel siding. Contact us to find a contractor near you.