ArrowLine Enhanced Slate Roofing and Vertical 12" Board and Batten Siding

An elegant, historical look of the ArrowLine Slate roofing in T-Tone, along with the craftsman style board and batten siding, provides unique character to a popular nature center.

Project Details

The Heckrodt Wetland Reserve, located in Menasha, Wisconsin, is a popular destination in Eastern Wisconsin throughout the year for families and groups. This 76-acre urban reserve includes three miles of trails through forested wetlands, prairie and open fields. In addition, a 4,000 square foot nature center is available to visitors and is home to an indoor live wetland, aquariums, mounted Wisconsin mammals, a classroom amphitheater, solarium and resource library.

With the extreme weather changes found in Wisconsin, the existing nature center building was faced with roofing and siding issues. Over time, the existing wood shake siding began to deteriorate, and the asphalt roof started to leak.

Kelsey Parry, Site Manager for the Heckrodt Nature Center, began to look for more durable roofing and siding products that would possibly match their mission of enhancing, restoring and preserving the Reserve.

After researching many different product types online, Parry reached out to EDCO Products to learn more about their metal roofing and siding products. EDCO's Business Development Manager, Logan Nordin, worked with Parry and other members at the Reserve to educate them about the many benefits of metal siding and roofing.

EDCO’s Nordin introduced Parry to the team at Altitude Exteriors, a contractor who has worked with EDCO’s exterior building products for several years. Together they determined the project needs. Mike Goebel, owner of Altitude Exteriors, said that the Reserve considered several types of metal on their facility including standing seam and sheet metal siding but ultimately selected EDCO’s roofing and siding because of its appearance and durability. 

“It came down to heavy standing seam and EDCO,” said Parry. “The price was very comparable between the two different products. We ultimately chose EDCO because of the appearance it would give our facility.”

Utilizing EDCO's metal exterior building products allowed for the coordination of colors throughout the project. As a result, EDCO's ArrowLine Slate metal roofing in T-Tone Enhanced, along with EDCO's metal Board and Batten in T-Tone were installed. In addition, EDCO's fascia and rainware in Wickertone were installed to give the project the finishing touch. 

"People's perception of steel has changed," said Goebel. "I have worked with EDCO's metal exterior building products for about 10 years. In my mind, there is nothing better." 

Mike Goebel, Owner, Altitude Exteriors

Goebel explained that the project presented several challenges including the number of valleys and roof pitches his team had to work around. However, he noted that they love working with EDCO because it is very versatile and offers several sizes for accessories which contributes to an easy installation.

Energy efficiency, maintenance-free and a lifetime warranty are just a few of the benefits that makes EDCO's metal exterior building products stand out when comparing it against other material types. 

"Since we are donor funded, we like the fact that it won't need to be replaced as frequently as typical asphalt roofing and cedar siding," added Parry. "People overlook the fact that asphalt sits in landfills forever. Steel is made of recycled material and can be recycled again if it would need to be replaced"

“The appearance that EDCO’s metal products gives a home or building is superior to any other product,” said Goebel. “When I take a customer to see a home or building where EDCO’s products have already been installed, they can’t believe it is metal. It looks that good.”

The Heckrodt Wetland Reserve is no exception. Both Parry and Goebel added that the feedback on this specific installation has been tremendous. “We are beyond happy with the products from EDCO,” added Parry. “Since we are donor funded, we like the fact that it won’t need to be replaced as frequently as typical asphalt roofing and cedar siding.”