Applewood Pointe Cooperative Communities

Project Details

The re-emergence and growth of cooperative housing communities in many cities across the United States is a new and attractive option for those wanting maintenance-free living.

For Applewood Pointe Cooperative Communities, the notion of maintenance-free living actually started in the JSSH Architects office in Minnetonka, Minnesota. JSSH, with over 40 years of experience designing similar projects, was a natural fit to design these communities for United Properties.

“I have had nothing but success with steel. I like working with EDCO and their products because it is such a high-quality product which is important to any project we design.”

Roger Johnson, JSSH Architects, Inc.

Roger Johnson, lead specifier at JSSH, is no stranger to EDCO’s steel exterior building products. “I have had nothing but success with steel,” said Johnson. He suggested the use of EDCO’s steel siding to not only reduce future maintenance costs, but to maintain a consistent appearance for years to come. “We wanted to incorporate siding product that would stand up to the test of time,” said Johnson. “When I suggested steel siding to the developer, they were not convinced it was the best option.” After Johnson reviewed several projects with them where competing products were installed and had failed, the developer agreed that steel siding was the superior product.

Shawn Niznik, Vice President of Crossroads Construction, Inc. and responsible for the proper installation of EDCO’s steel products on this project, agrees that the maintenance-free aspect of steel siding sells itself. “Being able to achieve a consistent look for many years gives a project timeless curb appeal.” He noted that It is also important when it comes to the resale value within the community.

He noted that EDCO’s proprietary ENTEX paint finish on its siding products is a very durable finish that will not chip, crack or peel, and can also reduce energy costs for a building or home. With this type of paint performance, building and homeowners will never have to paint siding again, which leads to significant cost savings in the future. “The installation is a little different than other siding products. However, steel is by far the better product. At the end of the day, we would rather install steel siding on a project because it looks so good and will last for a very long time.”

As new communities are built, additional EDCO steel products will be incorporated into the design to reduce future maintenance costs. “I like working with EDCO and their products because it is such a high-quality product which is important to any project we design,” Johnson said.