Exterior Color Combinations to Inspire in 2020

Whether it is an interior or exterior project, selecting color combinations for your home can be a stressful task. EDCO’s metal siding and roofing products are available in an array of colors to meet the desires of many home or business owners. In addition, all our colors have coordinated soffit, fascia, trim and rainware accessories.

With all of this in mind, it can be a daunting process to narrow down the hues to create an exterior that expresses your desired outcome. Considering trends in color and architecture, we have put together five color palettes to inspire your next renovation. 

Peaceful Blue 

Pantone’s aptly named color of the year comes to life with our Classic Blue siding. This shade evokes calm, while adding a pop of color to the neighborhood. Brighten up the exterior with Glacier White accessories, and complement the costal feeling using Generations Shake in Pewter HD for a look that will stay clean, crisp and comfortable for ages.

Timeless Monochromatic 

Monochromatic is classic. Driftwood Gray works well on the exterior of a home or business in a traditional lap profile, and Board & Batten as an accent can add a bit of extra dimension. Trim and rainware in Charcoal Gray brings depth and warmth, and ArrowLine Slate roofing in Stone Blend ties your project together to create an exterior that stays beautiful for years to come. 

Nature’s Neutrals 

Green seems like a big commitment, but subdued and earthy tones, like Sage and Willow, work well together and with the surrounding environment. Traditional lap siding in Sage on the exterior of your home or business keeps the exterior light, and Willow Board & Batten in the gables adds dimension while highlighting the architecture of your home. Finish with accessories in a light neutral, such as Autumn Beige, and bring the earthy tones to the top of the house with Infiniti Textured Shake roofing in Aged Bronze Enhanced.

Crisp and Modern 

One of the biggest trends to take the nation has been the Modern Farmhouse style. With a focus on crisp, clean, and airy spaces, it’s no wonder one of the most popular exterior color combinations is white and black. EDCO’s vertical Board & Batten in Glacier White, along with soffit, fascia and trim in Black, makes a big statement and will hold up against the elements, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your exterior losing its stunning appearance. 

Soft Traditional 

If going bold is not your style, contemporary neutrals will always look great. Keep it modern using our Prism line of siding in Tuscan, offering a rich color and a subtle hint of mist. Glacier White accessories keep everything feeling sleek, and deep ArrowLine Shake roofing in Statuary Bronze Blend grounds and defines. 

If you’d like to try these combinations, or experiment with others, visit our Color Visualizer located at the top of this page. Carefully choosing your color palette allows you to let your personality shine from the inside of your home or business outward. And with EDCO’s extensive line of exterior products backed by the industry’s best warranty, there’s bound to be something for everybody.