EDCO Steel Siding Offers Quality Home Protection

Siding does a lot more than enhance curb appeal. High-quality siding protects your home from water, pests and insects, and can even increase energy efficiency. When selecting a siding material, homeowners should consider the length of time they plan to spend in their home. Backed by a lifetime, non-prorated warranty, EDCO's steel siding will maintain its appearance and durability for decades to come. Imagine never replacing or repainting your siding again!

What makes EDCO’s siding so durable? The paint finish plays a key role. Our proprietary ENTEX finish uses ceramic pigments for better color retention, as well as infrared reflective pigments. By reflecting UV light, fading is significantly reduced. EDCO guarantees the color of your siding will resist fading for at least 35 years. 

When it comes to weather resistance, ENTEX is tough. By incorporating silicone into the finish, ENTEX has improved performance against the top three weathering tests: fade, chalk, and gloss. Our lifetime warranty with 50-year hail protection guarantees that EDCO’s siding will never chip, peel, or crack.

A common myth about metal siding is that it heats up your home, but this is far from the truth. Our ENTEX finish features energy-efficient Cool Chemistry technology, which provides high values of both solar reflectance and thermal emittance, by reflecting more solar energy, less heat energy is transferred inside the building. Installing EDCO’s steel siding can save homeowners money on summer cooling costs. 

Paint finish aside, the strength and durability of steel is unmatched when compared to other siding materials. Steel does not absorb water and won’t swell, decompose, or develop mold over time. It also will not warp or crack in extreme temperatures. This helps to keep water and pests out of your home.

No matter what style of home you have, EDCO has a siding profile and color to increase your curb appeal. Whether you choose traditional lap, dutchlap, vertical, shake, or a combination, you have endless design opportunities that provide distinctive style and lasting quality to your home. EDCO also produces the soffit, fascia and trim accessories to match your color choices.

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