Matt Risinger Spotlights EDCO’s Slate Metal Roof

Many people interested in the longevity of metal roofing are put off by the idea of how it looks. But there’s good news—you can get a metal roof that has the timeless look of traditional slate roofing!

EDCO creates award-winning steel roofing products that were recently featured in a video on Matt Risinger’s YouTube channel. This video highlights that metal shingles have all the benefits of a metal roof, along with easy installation and a better appearance.

In the video, Risinger mentions that the 28-gauge galvanized metal is great for longevity, which is why it’s used on many houses. Two of the biggest features: the roof shingles won't get damaged or need to be replaced.

Benefits of EDCO Metal Roofing

Matt was very generous with his praises and made note of some key benefits of EDCO metal roofing:

  • Easy installation: A crew won’t need a lot of specialized tools to get the job done. The steel roofing shingles look like slate but install similar to asphalt shingles. The panels have a 4-way locking feature which makes it easy to install.
  • Variety of options: Slate is one great option, but EDCO's metal shingles are also available in panels that have the appearance of textured wood, clay tiles and traditional choices.
  • Rated to handle winds up to 160 miles per hour: The steel roofing is also manufactured to withstand hail and other elements that mother nature throws its way.
  • Class-A fire resistance: When installed with Class-A fire rated underlayment, EDCO's metal roofing achieves a Class-A fire rating, which is especially important for houses in California and other locations that experience wildfires.
  • Sustainable: A metal shingle roof could be on a house for over 100 years. Asphalt shingles will be damaged easily and need to be replaced at least a few times within your lifetime. Metal shingles are completely recyclable and made of 30% recycled steel. If the roof does end up getting replaced, it'll be for aesthetic reasons and not performance.

We greatly appreciate the kind words from Matt in this video, as well as in his review video. As an expert and leader in the construction industry, we admire him and value his thoughts.

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About Matt Risinger and The BUILD Show

Matt Risinger is a builder in Austin, Texas, who is devoted to high-performance construction. He and his team craft homes that meet the highest criteria of craftsmanship, durability, efficiency and comfort.

Risinger’s YouTube channel, The BUILD Show, covers a wide range of topics, including building science, new building products, reviews and tours of well-built homes under construction.

Enhance Your Home With Metal Roofing

There’s never a better time than now to update your home with a permanent roof. Whether you’re looking for a slate alternative or another style, EDCO’s metal roofing will enhance the look of your home and provide everlasting durability. Check out your options and connect with a contractor today!