Protect Your Home’s Siding Color with ENTEX

The secret to high-quality siding that will stand up to weather and resist fading for decades lies not only in the building materials, but in the paint finish itself. Our ENTEX paint finish is one of the most durable, fade-resistant siding finishes available today. Why? The science behind paint chemistry is complex, but with a little help from EDCO’s Product Manager Steve Spaulding, the basics are not difficult to grasp.

What’s in Paint?

The three main ingredients in paint are pigments, resins and solvents. As you likely know, pigments create the color of the paint. ENTEX uses ceramic pigments for better color retention, as well as infrared reflective pigments. These pigments reflect UV light, which causes colors to fade. This is why we can guarantee the color of your siding will resist fading for at least 35 years.

Solvents create the consistency needed for painting and prevent globs from forming. Resins bind all the ingredients together and improve durability.

“In 2006, EDCO came out with ENTEX – a paint for our siding products with a Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) finish,” said Spaulding. “The SMP finish is similar to enamel but adds silicone to improve durability and weather resistance.”

SMP paints incorporate silicone to improve performance against the top three weathering tests: fade, chalk and gloss. This paint is tough. At EDCO, we guarantee our siding will never chip, peel, or crack and we back that up with a lifetime warranty.

Energy Efficient

Another benefit of ENTEX metal siding is its Cool Chemistry technology, which provides high values of both solar reflectance and thermal emittance. This is a fancy way of saying that the paint reflects a greater amount of solar energy, meaning less heat energy is transferred to the interior of the building. The energy efficiency of ENTEX will save you on summer cooling costs.

Everlasting Style

Finally, another ingredient is added to improve the paint’s appearance.

“Nylon fibers are added to give it texture,” said Spaulding. “This is how we invented the ENTEX name, from the word ‘texture.’”

This texture, combined with our Enduragrain wood grain emboss stamped onto every panel, creates a beautiful piece of siding that will maintain its appearance for decades.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about repainting or replacing your siding, contact EDCO today.