Top Five Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Siding

Visible Cracks, Gaps or Rotting

The most glaring indication that you might need to replace your siding is the appearance of any cracks, holes, or rot. Sometimes minor gaps can be filled in, but this solution is only short term and will require continued maintenance, or replacement, to keep your home secure.

Weather damage, insects, and rodents all lead to the deterioration of a home’s exterior. Other pests—such as Woodpeckers—may exacerbate the issue. Woodpeckers are notorious for causing destruction of wood or wood composite alternatives, seeking the satisfying drumming sound (typically to attract mates), a place to excavate for a nest or roost hole or to store food, and feeding on termites, ants and other insects living below the surface.

Alternative materials, such as EDCO’s metal siding, is an easy way to prevent unwanted houseguests from burrowing in and causing greater harm to the framework. Metal is unique because of its ability to resist weather deterioration, fading, or cracking, and ensuring pests can’t permeate the surface barrier. Before you install a new product, be sure to consult a local exterminator to gauge any existing damage and eliminate vermin in advance.

Hidden Degradation Can Cause Major Problems

Inspect your home from a variety of angles. Are any panels or pieces bulging, warping, or sagging? Those might be signs of unseen damage below the surface of the siding. Get in touch with a siding repair specialist to diagnose underlying problems that may affect the structural integrity of your home.

With advanced products, like metal siding, on the market, a good contractor will recommend next steps to safeguard your home and install durable materials designed to keep out the elements and protect your exterior for years to come.

Energy Bills are Adding Up

It’s worth the time to consider the energy efficiency of your home, even if you don’t notice any obvious damage to your siding. Sub-surface issues, as noted above, could contribute to the decline in retention of heat or air conditioning, causing bills to rise and your home susceptible to weakening temperature and humidity control.

If you’re looking for a material that can outperform wood and vinyl in terms of efficiency, EDCO’s metal siding is a great choice. Our Cool Chemistry® paint technology available in all ENTEX® and Prism products radiates the sun away from your home rather than it being absorbed by the siding. Home & business owners will be at ease knowing they’re protected by an energy efficient exterior.

Time and Cost of Maintenance

Changes in lifestyle and priorities can make it hard to keep up with the routine maintenance for standard siding, such as wood, cement board, or vinyl. Whether it’s patching or replacing panels, washing, painting, or staining, these chores get to be expensive and time consuming. If you’re feeling as though the upkeep needed is more than you’d like, it’s possible it could be time for a change.

With metal siding, your exterior can be virtually maintenance-free. EDCO’s metal siding offers an unmatched, non-pro-rated lifetime warranty. It also includes 35-year fade protection. We design our products with durability and longevity in mind that gives a home the same stunning appearance for years to come.

Your Home is Your Most Valuable Asset

A home is your most  valuable asset. Therefore, creating a beautiful space that offers protection for your family is a top priority. If you notice that your exterior is becoming outdated or losing its radiance, that could be reason enough to replace your siding.

Trends come and go over the years, and with EDCO’s line of steel siding products you have the freedom to create a space that is the envy of the neighborhood. Whether you are looking for the “modern vintage” farmhouse look with Glacier White vertical board & batten, or you’re putting together a timeless façade using traditional lap siding in one of our many complementary neutrals, you’ll find what you need to create the home of your dreams.