2021 Color Trends to Last a Lifetime

With 2020 nearly in the rear-view mirror, we look eagerly toward the possibilities of 2021. After such a chaotic year, it’s no surprise that people are seeking ways to bring calm into their daily surroundings – which, these days, is of course the home. Warm and earthy tones that bring you closer to the soothing effects of nature will influence the color trends of 2021. Expect modern grays, rich browns, cool blues, and sage to appear on your Pinterest and Instagram feeds regularly.

Although these subdued and neutral colors are trending now, they are also timeless – making this the perfect trend for long-term exterior renovations, such as your home’s siding.


If there’s a single color that could instantly modernize your home, it’s gray. Whether it’s light and breezy like Driftwood Gray or dark and moody like Charcoal Gray and Onyx, there’s just something about a gray home with crisp, white trim. A blue undertone is the secret ingredient to the richness of these colors.

Add character to your home by mixing in different textures, such as vertical board and batten or a shake sidewall in the gables.


For a warm and inviting home, consider brown. This siding color looks great on houses with brick or stone. Cedarwood mixes in a bit of red to create a rich, caramelly color. Featuring a grayer tone, Timber offers a more modern look. Wickertone’s light and creamy hue is simply classic. Brown has always been a popular choice for homeowners, so these are just a few of the shades available in EDCO’s metal siding catalog. Complete the look with white or cream soffit, fascia and trim.

Classic Blue and Sage Green 

For those craving a pop of color, blue and sage green are timeless choices that will dominate 2021. These calming hues complement the home’s natural surroundings. Classic Blue is a deep and distinguished color that will bring a touch of elegance to your home’s exterior. The earthy tones of Willow and Sage exude calm and pair beautifully with a brown shake roof and light beige trim.

Besides color, the most important considerations to make when replacing your siding are durability and the maintenance required. Metal is completely maintenance-free and is the best siding material for withstanding water damage, temperature extremes, and fading. With EDCO’s unmatched lifetime warranty that includes hail protection and fade protection, rest assured that you will never have to replace your siding again.