Sustainable siding and roofing: Going green, saving green with EDCO Products, Inc.

EDCO Products, Inc. is firmly committed to the protection of the environment. By creating sustainable siding and roofing products that lower energy usage, we’re creating a brighter future for both homeowners and the planet. Here are a few other ways that EDCO is reducing impact, energy costs and our operational footprint.

Recycled materials

The steel that we use for roofing and siding is an eco-friendly 25-30% recycled content, and the aluminum is 90-95% recycled content. Additionally, steel and aluminum are the two most commonly recycled materials in the world. If you have to remove your roof for any reason, our roofing is 100% recyclable.

Energy savings

Most ArrowLine® roofing products are ENERGY STAR® rated. ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy that identifies energy-efficient products and practices. With this rating, you’re assured that you’ll save on utility bills and help lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduced landfill use

In some instances your steel roof can be installed over your existing roof, saving all that toxic asphalt from the landfill.

Greener transportation

Steel roofs weigh less than traditional asphalt roofs so they are more cost-effective to ship. In fact, we often can ship through UPS rather than use a semi-truck.

Sustainable roofing

One of the biggest features of steel roofing is its durability. A steel roof will outlast almost any roof on the market, saving both money and the planet.

Green siding

Both steel and vinyl siding significantly reduce energy costs for heating and cooling. Steel siding has been said to be one of the most sustainable siding options available.

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