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Steel roofs

Are steel roofs louder than other roofs?
This is a favorite myth about steel roofs. Most steel roofs are installed with a solid sheathing that actually makes them quieter than other roofs.

How do steel roofs stand up in hurricanes, high winds, earthquakes or other disasters?
Steel roofs stand up incredibly well in extreme weather, far above building code requirements. Most have a wind resistance of up to 160mph. To put that in context, winds during Hurricane Sandy reached 75-95mph as a category 1 hurricane.

Can I install steel/metal shingles over my existing shingles or roof?
Yes! Because steel roofs are so versatile, they usually can be installed right over your existing roof. Check with your local building inspector.

Do steel roofs or metal shingles attract lightning?
No! Another myth.

Do steel roofs rust?
No. Steel roofs also come with a lifetime warranty against hail and fading.

What about pests?
Steel roofs resist infestations of insects and other critters that can make their homes in conventional wood or asphalt shingles.

How do steel roofs compare in price to other roofs?
While steel roofs appear to cost more up front, they are actually more cost effective because they last two to three times longer and are covered by a lifetime warranty. In other words, it’s the last roof you’ll ever buy and you won’t have to replace it.


Is installing vinyl or steel siding over my existing siding ok?
Yes. Installing vinyl or steel siding saves time because it can be done directly over your existing siding when the surface is properly prepared.

What if I want to change the color? Can you paint vinyl or steel siding?
Yes. We’ve made painting steel or vinyl siding easy with finishes that are quick to clean and re-paint. Wondering how to paint steel or vinyl siding? Your paint supplier can direct you to the best paint to use.

Do you have soffit & fascia to match? What about gutters and downspouts?
We have soffit and fascia to match most of our siding products, as well as complementary gutter systems. We also carry a complete line of shutters, louvers, vents and other siding accessories.

Soffit, fascia

What is a soffit? A fascia?
In simple terms, the definition of fascia is a flat band that goes around the roofing surface right under your rooftop. Fascias wrap around the roof surface that is perpendicular to the earth. A soffit is installed in the under-side of the rafters/overhang. Our metal soffit and fascias are designed to complement your rafters and provide added energy efficiency.

Rainware™ gutter systems

What is a downpipe/downspout?
A downpipe is the pipe that carries water out of your gutter system, down from the roof and away from the house.


How do your warranties work?
Please view our Warranty Plus page for product–specific warranty info.

Can you refer me to a contractor in my area?
We sometimes do provide referrals in specific areas. Please contact us and we’ll try to help.

Do you offer training services for installation of your products?
We do! Join us at Jock U for on-site training for industry professionals at our Hopkins, MN location. All participants get a certificate of attendance.

If I have a problem with my EDCO product, will I get a live person to talk to right away?
Yes! We’ve been in business since 1946 for a reason — we care about our customers and taking care of you is our first priority. Contact us with your questions.

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