Get the facts on installing steel roofs, vinyl siding, steel siding and other EDCO products

Let’s get down to the brass tacks. Learn how long steel roofs last, the pros and cons of vinyl vs. steel siding, the numbers, the figures and the misleading myths. Want more info on EDCO products? Visit our FAQs page or contact us.

  • Steel roofs

    • Last for generations while regular asphalt shingle roofs typically last 10-15 years
    • Lower energy bills by deflecting heat in summer and insulating in winter
    • Can lower your homeowners insurance (contact your agent for info)
    • Add fire protection! Steel roofs are not flammable.
    • Are 100% recyclable
    • Are lightweight and easy to install on any type of home
    • Withstand extreme weather conditions. Steel roofs and metal shingles have been known to stand up to everything from earthquakes to hurricanes.
    • Fire, pest, critter, insect-resistant
    • MYTHS: Steel roofs are NOT louder than other roofs! They are actually quieter than most. They also don’t attract lightning, don’t dent easily, and are rust proof.

    Steel Siding

    • Is lightweight and easy to clean
    • Can be repainted if you decide to change the color of your home
    • Is considered energy efficient and lowers heating and cooling costs
    • Won’t chip, peel or rust, is impervious to rot and virtually maintenance free.
    • Saves you money over the life of your home
    • Can be installed over existing siding
    • Reduces energy costs and is the greenest siding option available
    • Fire, pest, critter, insect resistant
    • MYTHS: In the long run, steel siding is NOT more expensive than other siding because it reduces energy costs and lasts longer.

    EDCO metal soffit & fascia

    • Control overheating in summer and ice–dam buildup in winter
    • Exceed all building code requirements
    • For a definition of fascia and soffit, see our FAQs page
    • MYTHS: Metal soffit and fascia systems do NOT rust, flake or chip

    Vinyl siding

    • Is very low maintenance, simply wash with a hose once a year
    • Is “hung” vs. attached to a wall because it expands slightly in heat and contracts in cold, requiring a certain amount of “give“
    • Can be installed over existing siding with proper prep
    • MYTHS: There’s a myth that vinyl siding fills landfills and isn’t recycled. The truth is that more than a billion pounds of vinyl siding are recycled each year.

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