Earn your certification from EDCO roofing and siding experts

As part of EDCO’s commitment to excellence, we offer comprehensive, hands-on training for industry professionals at our on-site “Jock U” training center in Hopkins, MN. Learn from our roofing and siding experts how to install siding, aluminum fascia, steel roofs and more with time-saving precision.

Certification is becoming increasingly important to quality gate-keepers such as the Metal Roofing Alliance. All attendees of Jock U receive a certificate of attendance. Most importantly, training and proper installation ensures excellence for your customers and prolongs the life of your roofs, siding, soffit, fascia and other EDCO Products. All classes are provided free of charge.


EDCO’s roofing training program

EDCO Products, Inc. offers roofing training programs for dealers, installers and architects throughout the year. This one-day training seminar includes sales and marketing ideas along with extensive training on installing EDCO roofing products.

  • Learn correct installation for all roofing products; ArrowLine, Generations and Infiniti
  • Receive individual attention and hands-on training
  • Find out what makes EDCO roofing such an exceptional product and how to tell your customers
  • Attendees get a certificate of attendance upon completion

Get in touch to register for an upcoming seminar.

Wondering about the pluses of steel roofing or the benefits of EDCO’s soffit and fascia products? Stop by our FAQ’s page.

About Jock U Training Center

jock-edwardsJock U was named in memory of Art Edwards’ son, Jock Edwards. Jock first established the training center as an additional service for our professional partners. He was known for his commitment to excellence, quick wit and easy smile, and he is missed by all of us in the EDCO family.

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